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laser lipo los angeles
laser lipo los angeles

What is Laser Lipo in Los Angeles?

Laser lipo is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to traditional liposuction. The procedure relies on low-wave laser energy, rather than incisions, to reduce and eliminate fat from the body in a quick and effective manner. Laser Lipo may treat any part of the body capable of storing fat including the abdomen, waistline, thighs and arms. Unlike conventional liposuction, Laser Lipo works by shrinking the fat cells rather than removing or destroying them, resulting in a less aggressive procedure with zero downtime.  

During the procedure, a cold laser, meaning the laser does not penetrate the skin as deeply, is administered to the skin. As the laser energy penetrates the fat cells, the fat cells release their stored fatty acids into the body and subsequently shrinks or deflates. In this sense, no fat cells are being damaged or removed from the body. The released fat-cell contents are then either burned off for energy or expelled into the bodies lymphatic system, which flushes toxins, waste and unwanted materials from the human body. Since our bodies stores our toxins in the fat cells, this procedure also serves as a cleansing effect on the body.

The results of Laser Lipo appear as a decline in inches, revealing a more contoured shape to the body. The procedure is quick and ranges from 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the area being treated. Typically, multiple sessions, ranging from six to eight, may be recommended in order to reach maximum results. However, some patients may notice an immediate decline in inches after only one session.

A healthy, clean and balanced diet coupled with moderate exercise are crucial to maintaining lasting results. This is due to the Laser Lipo emptying the contents of the targeted fat cells, rather than destroying them, allowing them the opportunity to store fat once more.

Are there side effects?

Laser Lipo is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure. For the patient, this means virtually zero side effects including no pain, swelling, tenderness or redness post-treatment. This also means there is no downtime involved, allowing patients to return to their daily activities including exercise, immediately post-treatment.

However, due to the laser releasing the contents of the fat cells into the body, patients may feel tired, woozy or sick, if enough hydration is not supplied to the body. For this reason, it is recommended for patients to drink plenty of water post-treatment in order to help flush out the fat and toxins from the body’s system.

Laser Lipo: A Complimentary Treatment

It is important to note that Laser Lipo is known as a complimentary treatment designed to enhance the results gained from a healthy eating habit and daily exercise. For this reason, the procedure is ideal for those who have found themselves at a plateau and wish to diminish fat in problem areas, rather than those seeking extensive weight loss. Laser Lipo might be right for you if you are:

  • Roughly 25 pounds over your ideal weight
  • More concerned with "problem areas" than total-body weight loss
  • In good health with good skin elasticity


Laser Lipo is not recommended for individuals with pacemakers or women who are pregnant or trying to become pregnant. It is recommended for individuals with any underlying metabolic, hormonal or other physical issues that may have caused the weight gain to first speak with their doctor, as Laser Lipo does not address these concerns.

What are the benefits of Laser Lipo?

At Beauty Innovations in Marina Del Rey, Laser Lipo holds many benefits. Those of which include:

  • A non-invasive option, requiring no needles, to reduce inches and contour the body
  • Zero downtime
  • No pain
  • No swelling
  • No tenderness
  • No redness
  • Able to immediately exercise post-treatment


Book your consultation today! 

With Laser Lipo at Beauty Innovations in Marina Del Rey, CA you can overcome your plateau and reveal the body you have been after. Laser Lipo can effectively reduce the inches in problem areas such as the abdomen, waistline, thighs and arms without requiring any downtime. Book your consultation. Our team is dedicated to helping you sculpt a firmer, contoured body today.


Have you been working out and eating clean, yet have noticed stubborn problem areas such as the abdomen, waistline, thighs or arms that haven’t improved? At Beauty Innovations in Marina del Rey, CA we offer a solution through Laser Lipo. Laser Lipo is a non-surgical option to reducing inches from the body, revealing a more contoured shape.

Laser Lipo Los Angeles